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Test system FT-17MINI (operating and parametric testing)


Areas of application:

- Final testing of microelectronics components and systems (in package and on semiconductor wafer) at the place of production or in the laboratory;
- Initial testing of microelectronic components and systems at companies buying electronics;
- Research and development, boundary testing of microelectronic components and systems, certification tests. 
Devices under test:

- Digital ICs  (FPGA, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and so on);

- Memory ICs  (RAM, ROM, FLASH, etc.);
- RFID tags, smart-cards.
Key specifications:
Parameter Value
Architecture «tester per channel»
Number of universal I/O channels  64
Max test vector rate  400 Mbps 
Time resolution 0.5 ns
Vector memory depth 8 Mb
Vector formats NRZ, DNRZ, R0, R1, SBC and others




Output impedance 50 Ohms
Voltage range -1 ... +7 V (optionally up to -2…+11.5 V)

Max current load

100 mА


Voltage range -1 ... +7 V (optionally up to -2…+11.5)


Number of high voltage PMU channels 8 (built in IC PIN-electric, non relay commutation)
Force/measure voltage range -1 ... +11 V
Force/measure current range ± 32 mA

Device power supply

Number of device power supply channels 4
Force/measure voltage range -1 ... +11 V
Measure current range ± 200 mА


Operating system  MS Windows (XP, Vista, 7) 
Programming language MS Visual Studio C# 

Software features


Test development process based on test methods


MS Access database integration


Parallel test support up to 8 sites


Test pattern formats translation («Nevod»,VCD, STIL)


Stroboscopic analysis


Logic analyzer


Graphic representation of tested wafer


Electronic suitability chart generation


Test program debugger (online access)


Test sequence editor


Remote network access and control including integrated management of tester's groups  




Static analysis and reports generation




Reports generation



Continues work time unlimited
Lifelength 50 000 hours
Service time 10 years 

Other features

Interface: USB 2.0

External measuring devices support 

Max power consumption

150 W

Cooling system type


Compressed air/vacuum

not required