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We are developing our client's and partner's business and are increasing marketability of Russian electronic devices presented worldwide. We are defining standards, high tech industry trends and are in the forefront of positive changes constantly upgrading development and manufacturing processes. We can guarantee the promptitude and high quality of the fulfilling projects and each time we ensure to up the level of the services we render by implementing new technologies and using effectively inner potential and external resources.

Our values

Professionalism and competence

You can be sure that choosing us as a partner you will get adequate knowledge level, flexible solutions and active approach. Gained experience, constant development and industry competence are the main factors supporting our responsible attitude to every customer we are dealing with. 

Readiness to welcome challenges!

We can ensure our competence and like to overcome any obstacles in solving the most complicated tasks. This confidence is based on our real possibilities and fulfillments what allow us to take on serious responsibilities and garantee the result and the high quality of the final product in your project. We are using not only talent of our specialists but strong support of our loyal partners helping us to reach set goals. 

Client tasks orientation

We are creating comprehensively useful solutions and offer effective services and products dealing with current and upcoming tasks of our customers. We take into consideration needs of customers and all risks they have to bear. Our solutions can be truly defined as competitive, actual and meeting the requirements of a specific customer. Our activity is aimed at providing our clients with full package decisions based on new proved technologies, methods and information standards. 

Innovative approach

We are constantly searching for new tools to achieve better results. We are investing resources and time in mastering latest technologies and effectively using them in our projects. We are elaborating and bringing to life new ideas that allow us to reach new horizons of task realization in our industry. 

Integrated solutions and all-round responsibility

We  consistently reach set goals and fulfill our obligations following principles of professional ethics. Achievements and real results compose the foundation of our leadership. 

Specialists progress and solid team building up

We are engaging initiative people appling creative approach simultaneously staying flexible and inspired. We appreciate our staff by regular increasing its professional level and the high estimation of personal contribution of every member. Mutual respect is the core thing in the relations inside our staff. We are operating as one and it's the key factor of our progress and success. For our company development means stable appearance of new concepts and practical realization of the best. We constantly improve the level of the services rendered by our team. 

Project profitability and quality of performance

We adhere to the work process when each task or line of activity brings some profit to our company. We are trying to be close to excellence in project realization and increasing our value for customers. 

Our rules

Every new project gives the possibility to use the accumulated potential and to offer best decisions. 

The services must be rendered effectively and with the high level of consultancy backup.

The Customer requires fast results of high quality.. We have all the tools to do it!

Our vision

Sovtest Micro LLC plays on Russian and CIS markets and establishes competitive positions rendering design and survey services in the field of electronic equipment development and manufacturing.

Our standards

  • Loyalty
  • Solidarity
  • Partnership
  • Commitment