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LLC "Sovtest Micro"

Working hours: from Monday to Friday 9:00–18:30

Phone: +7 (495) 221-28-50, +7 (916) 446-44-76

Fax: +7 (495) 221-28-50

Email: info@sovtestmicro.ru

Address: 124482, Unosti Street, b.8, office 211, Zelenograd, Moscow 



Our company is located in Zelenograd town. It's 43 km far from Red Square  or 23 km from Moscow MKAD Ring Road driving along Leningradskoe highway. You need to drive along the highway in the direction of Moscow suburb to the first entrance to Zelenograd town (concrete monument with the name ZELENOGRAD).

On leningradskoe highway you should turn on the right to the overhead road after «RENAULT» car showroom and then driving along the overhead you drive straight ahead along Moscow Prospekt to the first crossroad with traffic light. Here you should turn right and driving by Vedogon Theatre (that is on the right) you see the row of light brick buldings  of MIET student hostel. Behind these buildings there is our business center having 11 floors (close to the forest).  We have parking spot but as a rule it's qiute difficult to find the place and it's better to park your car on any free spot you can see not far from the destination point.

You don't need any documents to go through our reception, just say the name of the company you want to visit. 


From metro station «Rechnoy vokzal»:

• The bus № 400 (35-45 min), to the busstop «Studencheskay».

From metro station «Tushinskay» or metro station «Pytnickoe shosse»:

• The express bus to Krukovo station, then the buses № 10, 12 to the busstop «Studencheskay».

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